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Dragon Dictation

Looking for Dragon Dictation tool? The basic functionality of this amazing software is that, it recognizes speech and converts words into written format...

In this high tech world of technology numerous software are developed every day. You can easily uncover several gadgets which are lashed with latest technologies. One of the most famous software these days is Dragon dictation. You can easily find this amazing software in several high tech cell phones and i- pods. Basically the Dragon Dictation is software which is widely used nowadays. It is the fastest growing speech recognition software throughout the world. Anyone can easily depend on this amazing software for the typing work.

The basic function of this amazing software is that, it recognizes the speech and converts the words in the written format. It means that this software has a capability to convert the speech into the text format. Numerous people depend upon the Dragon Dictation for their typing work to be done. The ability of conversion of the words into text format of this amazing software is about three times more than the typing speed of any common person. After the first dictation, the Dragon Dictation has the ability to get familiar with the voice of the user. It can easily recognize your voice just by one simple dictation.

The accuracy if this software is about 99%. It has the ability of becoming familiar with the voice of the user according to its use. It enables the user to browse the web simply by speaking the name to your computer’s mike. It assists several users to work faster and easier. The key features of Dragon Dictation are its accurateness, ease of access and the portability.

The latest version of Dragon Dictation is 20% more efficient from its earlier release. It can provide you an accuracy of about 99%. You can never found any grammatical or spelling error by using this software. The best thing is that once a mistake is done by it and you simply correct that error then you can never find that error happening again in your computer. It is the best feature of this amazing software.